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I am Sonja Müller, an illustrator from Germany specializing in board and card game illustrations, character design and kidlit art. My work shows my passion for storytelling, animals and the wonders we can discover in our imagination as well as in every day life.
I like to think that I kept this ability to wonder and be amazed by small things in our world, about life, and humans from my childhood self. I am most happy if my illustrations evoke some emotions in the viewer, make them wonder and travel into their own imagination.

I got selected for the Art Star program 2022, a support program for a small selection of new digital artists from all over the world.


Interview with Laetro


Clients include

Plaid Hat Games (Hickory Dickory)

Lifestyle Boardgames Ltd (Cruxy published by Red Cat Games)
Antithesis (Mascot Character Design)